About Exploring Character

Once one realizes that culture and society are different, the world makes much more sense.

Good teachers are casting about to successfully convey to students Character Education, which is now required in New York State Public Schools.

Successful methods must:

  • Be easily accessible to students
  • Seem compelling to a diverse audience
  • Fit in to an already overcrowded curriculum

Current teaching mostly emphasizes specific, laudable virtues — the desired result — but they don’t help students develop the skills to decide why or how to get there.

Fortunately, great thinkers over more than two thousand years of history, coupled with modern tools and language, give us the best shot yet to win the race towards civilization.

Since people learn differently, we’ve provided several approaches to discovering the simple wisdoms that make character understandable.

Character leads to ethics. Ethics are a real and practical concern, not an abstract ideal.

Character is more accessible than ever now that new metaphors encourage processes kids understand, admire, and wish to emulate in a deeper way.

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Stephen B. Waters

Mission Statement

“… Our goal is to make character an every day concern because how people choose to act affects us all…”

There is nothing more to ethics than that individuals matter…”