Virtue Process Concepts

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A “Virtue” is a shorthand label for the result of thoughtful analysis about a general concept that is, itself, easily acceptable and easily understood from one’s own personal experience.

The table immediately below shows popular and useful virtues in the left column and, in the same row on the right, is the the process used to figure out why that particular virtue is worthwhile.

Process Concepts are neat, because people who discover them quickly appreciate how useful they can be for deciding what to do and for planning for their better future.


Virtue Based on this Process Concept
Alertness Map of Reality
Attentiveness Map of Reality
Discernment Map of Reality
Dependability Map of Reality
Responsibility Map of Reality
Sensitivity Map of Reality
Sincerity Map of Reality
Truthfulness Map of Reality
Humility Humility/Possibility of being wrong
Flexibility Humility/Possibility of being wrong
Thoroughness Humility/Possibility of being wrong
Forgiveness Humility/Possibility of being wrong
Benevolence Reciprocity/Otherness
Compassion Reciprocity/Otherness
Discretion Reciprocity/Otherness
Generosity Reciprocity/Otherness
Gratefulness Reciprocity/Otherness
Gentleness Reciprocity/Otherness
Hospitality Reciprocity/Otherness
Respect Reciprocity/Otherness
Tolerance Reciprocity/Otherness
Contentment Time and place in it
Gratefulness Time and place in it
Initiative Time and place in it
Joyfulness Time and place in it
Patience Time and place in it
Punctuality Time and place in it
Thriftiness Time and place in it
Boldness Judgment
Cautiousness Judgment
Determination Judgment
Decisiveness Judgment
Honor Judgment
Justice Judgment
Loyalty Judgment
Wisdom Judgment
Persuasiveness Rhetoric
Creativity Habits
Diligence Habits
Endurance Habits
Enthusiasm Habits
Orderliness Habits
Resourcefulness Habits
Self-control Habits

In the table below are other useful understandings that are important to know but are not usually considered when studying virtues.


Useful understandings Based on this Process Concept
Facades Idea vs. Self
What is possible Idea vs. Self
Balance Perspective
Consistancy Perspective
Simplicity Perspective
Recursion Problem solving
Continuous Re-evaluation Problem solving
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