TBYN – Table of Contents



Book 1: Clearing away the rubble

Evidence: Words matter

Evidence: Media sell opinion as news

Evidence: Media accentuate narratives

Evidence: Media obscure news

Book 2: How schools fail journalism

  1. Social Studies: To whom does an education belong?
  2. Social Studies: To educate or to school?
  3. Social Studies: A culture war
  4. Social Studies: Key understandings go beyond culture
  5. Social Studies: unencumbered with principles
  6. Social Studies: Irrelevant themes
  7. Social Studies: Specifications that misdirect
  8. Social Studies: Practices that obscure history
  9. Social Studies: The battle for individuals in society
  10. Social Studies: Social transformation is not education

Social Studies: In summary, bring on laughter

Book 3: Where news fits in society

The Fabric of Society

  1. Educating Individuals
  2. Individuals create society
  3. Individuals relate to culture through society
  4. Individuals mature using dynamic processes
  5. Individuals were haphazardly taught character
  6. Individuals use experience to produce character
  7. How individual character blossoms
  8. Individuals validate character
  9. Individual principles matter
  10. Individuals validate governance
  11. Taking individual responsibility
  12. Individuals find meaning
  13. Individuals find their place in society
  14. Individuals prepare for the future

A journalism to embrace


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