The Social Studies fiasco

A series of articles  explains the looming Social Studies fiasco. The slow motion educational train wreck is not caused by Common Core. It is masked by academics who misuse Common Core.

Working against the decision of the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers not to create a Social Studies plan, the National Council for the Social Studies created one anyway. The intent of the NCSS is not to educate students, but to mold them into “good citizens” according to their definition of good.
The articles explain what is afoot.
The impending Social Studies Fiasco — the complete set of articles

Downloadable PDFs of each article:
The Impending Social Studies Fiasco
1. To whom does an education belong?
2. To educate or to school?
3. A culture war
4. Key understandings are more than cultural
5. Unencumbered with principles
6. Irrelevant themes
7. Specifications that misdirect
8. Practices that obscure
9. The battle for individuals in society
10. Social transformation is not education
In summary, bring on laughter

Themes that offer traction can be attached to threads already in currect courses. Wholesale social transformation is not necessary to integrate students actively into society.

See Individuals and Society.


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