Points of Entry

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions: Always a good place to start.

The most recent book: Take Back Your News

  • The book began as a series of emails to our newspaper wire service to improve the quality of reporting. The conclusion is that readers and viewers have to learn enough on their own to police news content themselves.

Exploring Character Points of Entry — The proper place to start is wherever one finds immediate usefulness:

  • If you prefer to cut to the chase, consider the simple wisdoms themselves — Enter through “Simple Wisdoms
  • If you prefer to approach the topic from today’s hot topic of Character Education — Enter through “Character Education”
  • If you prefer to look at instances where Simple Wisdoms can be directly applied to classroom situations — Enter through “Examples of instances where Character Education can be imbedded in the curriculum”

Other books and papers


Teaching character


Simple Wisdoms — An early draft of concepts mostly left to chance in schooling.

Great Thinkers — Some of those who have addressed the simple daily problems of living.

Reading list — Pointers to readings that have made a difference.





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